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Jakyn Rattan Planters

  Specially designed to brighten up any corner in your house, the Jakyn Rattan Planters aim to give your favorite plant the attention it truly deserves. The magnificent woven appearance of the planter effortlessly brings the beauty of nature into your home! Not only does the freestanding design provide durable support, but it also promotes healthier root growth to further emphasize the beauty of your favorite plants.

Kirsty Rattan Planters

  The beautiful appearance and sophisticated design of the Kirsty Rattan Planters can easily match any type of home decor that you have at home. Also, the sturdy freestanding design of the planter also makes it worthy of putting outdoors to further showcase the beautiful plants on the patio. Moreover, the true purpose of the Kirsty Rattan Planters is to showcase the beauty of your favorite plants in the most compelling manner possible.

Lucca Rattan Planters

  If you are looking to add a more sophisticated and natural look to your patio, balcony, or even living room, then the Lucca Rattan Planters are certainly what you’re looking for. The crisp and clean style of these planters will surely complement any existing decoration in your house whether indoors or outdoors. This round planter features rattan woven detailing that gives off a handcrafted appeal you'll love, while the freestanding design makes for easy placement. 

Paloma Rattan Planters

  Add a tropical touch to your patio or living room with this beautiful, round, and stylish rattan planter. Our Paloma Rattan Planters have a simple yet sophisticated design that will easily blend and complement any home decor. Its rattan detailing gives off a handcrafted appeal that can most likely steal the show in any room it’s in. The freestanding design takes advantage of any space available while also giving a sturdy foundation for your favorite plants to thrive on.

Quin Rattan Stands

  Your options are endless when using our Quin Rattan Stands. The classic woven detailing of the stand gives you the chance to show off your favorite pots like no other! Moreover, the round-shape and freestanding design make it possible for small and large pots to fit perfectly. Indeed, the handmade appeal of our Quin Rattan Stands steals the show effortlessly.

Rosell Rattan Planters

  Strong and beautiful - that is what they are. Made of natural rattan, solihiya, and wicker, these planters will surely hold any plants for a real long time. Give your favorite plant the love they deserve! Our Rosell Rattan Planters can also be used as a furniture piece as they create a cozy nook at home. They’re light, airy products in rattan that are easy to move around, have a natural, handcrafted look, and soft, organic shapes.

Selma Round Storage with Handle

  Our striking Selma baskets all boast a beautiful, dark brown and natural tie-dye effect, and can be purchased in three different handy sizes. These natural hand-woven baskets can be put to good use all over the home as chic and practical storage baskets. Smaller baskets can be used as stylish desk tidies, planters for cacti and succulents, and flower pots. The larger sizes make fabulous storage baskets for bathroom supplies and toiletries to hats, gloves and scarves.

Celia Buri Basket

  Celia Buri Basket offers a great option for a stylish organization as well as a great decorative accent. This basket is great for storage solutions or as decorative planter sleeves for pots. Perfectly sized to be placed onto your kitchen table, dresser, or bathroom countertop. Product Size: Circumference = 6.5 inches Height = 5.5 inches
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Lis Seagrass Vase

  Spruce up your tabletops with Lis Seagrass Vase featuring an earthy tone, natural touch and a ton of character for a beautifully textured look you'll love adding along with your entryway decor. Set this seagrass vase atop your mantel, console table, sideboard or shelf with other accent pieces to decorate your space. Product Size: Circumference = 5.5 inches Height = 10 inches
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Sierra Rattan Planters

  They look great just about anywhere — on your balcony, patio, or even inside. Their earthy color will enhance the beauty of almost any plant, from cactus and succulents to indoor plants. Crafted from rattan, buri, and bamboo, this woven planter has a natural look that easily blends with a variety of decor styles and color palettes. Product Size: Top Circumference = 10 inches Bottom Circumference = 8 inches Height = 8 inches
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Vita Round Basket with Handle

  These sturdy and beautiful baskets are made of rattan, buri and bamboo and come in three different sizes. Meticulously handwoven, these baskets are structurally robust and aesthetically pleasing. Smaller baskets can be used as stylish desk tidies, planters for cacti and succulents, and flower pots. The larger sizes make fabulous storage baskets for bathroom supplies and toiletries to hats, gloves and scarves.