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Amelia Picnic Basket

  Enjoy al fresco dining with the Amelia Picnic Basket. Perfect for taking along on picnics and other outings, this basket is made of rattan and abaca body with a wicker base. The Amelia picnic basket is right at home at a desert camp, picnic at the parks or a lazy day at the beach. Either occasion will benefit from its sturdy willow thatching and level, woven-lid surface.

Barbara Rattan Hanging Planters

  Add a touch of elegance to the foyer, living room, patio, or entryway, and display your plants off the ground with our Barbara Rattan Hanging Planters. Woven from natural raw materials of rattan, buri, and bamboo, in a natural tone, it adds a pop of texture and easily blends with any decor style. The raised rounded silhouette gives it a neat, elevated appeal and makes it perfect for housing green plants or colorful botanicals. Our Barbara hanging planters combine classic artistry with sturdy construction, providing a dependable piece you'll love adding to your collection. Product Size: Outer Circle Diameter = 15 inches Basket Top Circumference = 5 inches Basket Bottom Circumference = 5 inches Basket Height = 5 inches
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Christa Rattan Planters

  Our Christa Rattan Planters were designed to make a statement. These planters are perfect to feature an additional layer of style and texture into your patio or living room. These are 100% hand-made with rattan, featuring a unique design that lets them handle all of your favorite plants with relative ease. Our Christa Rattan Planters also have a freestanding design making it easy to place wherever you want it.

Hazel Planters with Stand

  The overall design of this Hazel Planter is all about beauty which comes very naturally for something that has been inspired by nature. If you have a plant at home that needs a place in your living room, office, or anywhere inside your home it is a good idea to give it a stand and let it gets the attention it deserves. Come in three sizes, it can hold small to large plants with its beautiful design and durability.

Huny Organizer with Handle

  Let our Huny Organizer help you store and organize. Made of rattan, buri and bamboo, these rectangular organizers can be used with IKEA cubed shelving units, they’re perfect for magazines and newspapers and make for stylish bathroom tidies too. Huny Organizers can surprisingly store a good number of clutter in a corner, turning what was once a sore eye beautiful.
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Isla Basket

Add stylish storage to any room in your home with this decorative Isla baskets. Beautifully hand-woven from 100% seagrass, this natural decorative basket helps keep your space tidy in charming, casual style, while convenient carrying handles make for easy transport. This basket has a gorgeous yellow tassel decor and fits nicely in any living space. Style on your shelves, tables or use it for holding your planters, laundry, magazines, gadgets and more for an elegant touch. The simplicity and a slight tinge of tassels fringe will suit any room and interior for a clutter-free space.

Jakyn Rattan Planters

  Specially designed to brighten up any corner in your house, the Jakyn Rattan Planters aim to give your favorite plant the attention it truly deserves. The magnificent woven appearance of the planter effortlessly brings the beauty of nature into your home! Not only does the freestanding design provide durable support, but it also promotes healthier root growth to further emphasize the beauty of your favorite plants.

Kirsty Rattan Planters

  The beautiful appearance and sophisticated design of the Kirsty Rattan Planters can easily match any type of home decor that you have at home. Also, the sturdy freestanding design of the planter also makes it worthy of putting outdoors to further showcase the beautiful plants on the patio. Moreover, the true purpose of the Kirsty Rattan Planters is to showcase the beauty of your favorite plants in the most compelling manner possible.

Lucca Rattan Planters

  If you are looking to add a more sophisticated and natural look to your patio, balcony, or even living room, then the Lucca Rattan Planters are certainly what you’re looking for. The crisp and clean style of these planters will surely complement any existing decoration in your house whether indoors or outdoors. This round planter features rattan woven detailing that gives off a handcrafted appeal you'll love, while the freestanding design makes for easy placement. 

Micasa Storage Basket with Handle

  Our stylish Micasa Storage Baskets are made from natural rattan, buri leaves , abaca and bamboo. Come in three handy sizes and boast thick bands of natural and burnt brown. These storage baskets can be used with IKEA shelving units. They’re perfect for magazines and newspapers and make for stylish bathroom tidies too. Fill your Micasa Storage Baskets with all your toiletries, lotions and potions, or use yours for storing away towels and loo rolls. Equally, these beautiful woven baskets can be used as handy and stylish nursery storage – for books, toys, and nappies.

Ofelia Laundry Hamper

  A sturdy, lidded laundry hamper woven from buri palm leaf. Our Ofelia laundry hamper is one of our best sellers and come in two sizes. Each laundry hamper takes up to 2 days to weave by hand, and all can be repurposed around the home as log baskets or toy storage, for example. Our Ofelia laundry hampers are a particularly good size for blankets and throws, slippers and gloves and hats. Our range of ethically produced laundry baskets offer something practical and beautiful for every household – even the largest family!

Paloma Rattan Planters

  Add a tropical touch to your patio or living room with this beautiful, round, and stylish rattan planter. Our Paloma Rattan Planters have a simple yet sophisticated design that will easily blend and complement any home decor. Its rattan detailing gives off a handcrafted appeal that can most likely steal the show in any room it’s in. The freestanding design takes advantage of any space available while also giving a sturdy foundation for your favorite plants to thrive on.