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Amara Rattan Hanging Planters

  Pretty up your walls with a splash of greenery with our Amara Hanging Planters adding a refreshing, rustic appeal to your space. Show off your small indoor plants, succulents, air, mini cactus or colorful faux plants and flowers with this hanging planter made of natural rattan. The bottom has a half an inch closed frame to hold the plant's roots while the exposed top allows you to see the fruit of your labor.  You can also group together multiple pieces to create a mini indoor wall garden for your succulents or other small plants. Product Size: Outer diameter: 9.5 inches Inner diameter: 8.5 inches
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Barbara Rattan Hanging Planters

  Add a touch of elegance to the foyer, living room, patio, or entryway, and display your plants off the ground with our Barbara Rattan Hanging Planters. Woven from natural raw materials of rattan, buri, and bamboo, in a natural tone, it adds a pop of texture and easily blends with any decor style. The raised rounded silhouette gives it a neat, elevated appeal and makes it perfect for housing green plants or colorful botanicals. Our Barbara hanging planters combine classic artistry with sturdy construction, providing a dependable piece you'll love adding to your collection. Product Size: Outer Circle Diameter = 15 inches Basket Top Circumference = 5 inches Basket Bottom Circumference = 5 inches Basket Height = 5 inches
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Bella Abaca Planters

  Dainty and beautiful. Our Bella planters are perfect for homing your house plants or succulents. The pale natural finish allows the intricate weaving to be fully appreciated. Woven from hand-dyed abaca leaf by our Filipino weavers. Did you know? Abaca of the Philippines is considered the strongest natural fiber in the world? The Philippines supplies 87.5 % of the world’s requirement for Abaca fiber and as such is the number one supplier worldwide. Product Size: Top Circumference = 4.5 inches Bottom Circumference = 5 inches Height = 5 inches
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Rizza Rattan Stand

  Our Rizza Rattan Stand is no ordinary stand. Sleek, elegant, and always fab. Whether serving as home for plants, candles, or small potted succulents, the Rizza Rattan Stand easily pairs with the rest of your room. An accent piece made naturally sustainable through the use of high-quality round-core rattans woven into waves, this stand will make a statement wherever it is placed. Pro tip: If you want to accentuate a corner in your room, adding a few pieces of rattan will help you with that. Product Size: Circumference = 12 inches Height = 17 inches  
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Ruth Giant Rattan Planter

  Introducing the Ruth Giant Rattan Planter A gentle reminder that our plants deserve a beautiful throne too! Woven using round-core treated rattans made into waves, bringing tropical vibes to a corner in your homes. We’re not surprised how beautiful it still looks from every angle. Pro tip: If you want to accentuate a corner in your room, adding a few pieces of rattan will help you with that. Product Size: Top Circumference = 17 inches Bottom Circumference = 11 inches Height = 16 inches  
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Chloe Round Rattan Shelf

  Crafted of rattan with a natural finish, featuring three wide shelves and boasting a unique design, The Chloe Round Rattan Shelf brings tailored style to any room it belongs to! Wide, angled legs provide a stable base on this piece. It also features an effortless character and warm texture without giving up its functionality. Perfect for styling on a feature wall with all your favourite small plants, home decor pieces, and books. Product Size: Diameter = 32 inches Width = 12 inches Total Height = 42 inches  
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Christa Rattan Planters

  Our Christa Rattan Planters were designed to make a statement. These planters are perfect to feature an additional layer of style and texture into your patio or living room. These are 100% hand-made with rattan, featuring a unique design that lets them handle all of your favorite plants with relative ease. Our Christa Rattan Planters also have a freestanding design making it easy to place wherever you want it.

Ester Rattan Living Room Decor

  Bring nature inside your home! Our Ester Rattan’s airy weave relaxes its classic lines for a casual look inspired by the tropics. This décor is made of raw materials, mainly rattan. It's stylish, durable, and sustainable. When treated right, rattan can be tamed into different shapes that we can sit on, rest in, or decorate our homes with. This is where our skilled artisans come in. We wouldn’t be able to make authentic rattan products without them. They have skills that can’t be copied by machines. Product Size: Top Circumference = 10 inches Bottom Circumference = 8 inches Height = 11 inches
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Faith Rattan Rack

  Our beautiful Faith Rattan Rack combines convenience and functionality in one impressive handmade creation. The rectangular rack features an attractive design which makes it easier to see what’s inside. The Faith Rattan Rack adds a unique ornamental touch that blends nicely with any existing decor in the house.  In the living room, it is a fashionable choice to fill with reading materials, decorative objects, and seasonal attire. In the kitchen as fruit storage, on the terrace as a flower pot. Product Size: Length = 17 inches Width = 12 inches Height = 25 inches
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