The Weavers are the life force, sheer power, and vitality of The Woven House. 

They are the raw talents behind every quaint product we sell. Every woven piece is fabricated exclusively by one weaver marked with the maker’s identity. Painstakingly made for over a number of days (the daily tasks from home to the field and farm), their love and passion for weaving reflects into their craft, notwithstanding the hardships and errands it curtails to make one extremely good and wonderful woven product. This, in turn, enables them to make precious income.

Each piece of handicraft is their own work of art before it becomes yours.


At the Woven House, the weavers take the center stage.

We bring you the opportunity to listen and share the stories of each hand-crafted goods created by these talented, hardworking people.

TWH Values-02

Each and every piece of our handicraft is distinct and unique in every way. Our products are woven by hand by skilled Filipino Artisans

TWH Core Values-01

We commit to creating our hand-woven pieces using natural materials and by way of sustainable practices

TWH Values-01

All products are locally-sourced, meticulously hand-woven by skilled Filipino craftspeople using century-old weaving techniques

TWH Core Values-02

Each design tells a story – stories passed on from one generation to the next, and made rich through the hands of our artisans

Who We Are

The Woven House is a marketplace of bespoke home decor dedicated to the creation of exquisite collections of hand-woven products crafted by Filipino artisans, showcasing culture and tradition on their designs. An array of these home products like baskets and lampshades, among others, aims to provide adornment and bring pleasantness to each and every abode.

Cultivating the Filipino identity through its crafts, bearing in mind the sustainability and ingenuity of our products, we bring comfort and stylish lifestyles into diverse homes. This serves as an inspiration and the driving force behind our collections.

The “House” though humble in its beginnings has a deep awareness of today’s social responsibility and is committed to assure a sustainable, eco-friendly method of procuring the materials during production. All products are locally-sourced, meticulously made, and designed by Filipino craftspeople who reflect generations of workmanship. Attention to detail is given to each and every piece of our handicraft making it distinct and unique in every way and we take absolute pride in the premium quality as a result of excellent artistry.

How We Started

Our fascination with these elegantly woven native products brought us to the realization of its rarities and absence here in Dubai. We want to see that each piece will have a place and honor in each and every Middle Eastern residence. Despite the massive home accessories available in the market, the elusiveness of these pieces inspired us to increase their visibility and accessibility in the UAE.  Hence, “THE WOVEN HOUSE” was born.

By helping to empower the members of our local handicraft industry, we feel humbled and connected to our Filipino roots. In addition, it also shows our appreciation and recollection of our homeland’s achievement and heritage.

Our Mission

Driven by the desire to exhibit traditional Filipino works, our mission is to bring warmth and comfort our product can offer inside each and every dwelling not only in the Middle East but beyond.

Believing that Filipino craftsmanship can surpass all others and take up space worldwide, we commit our every step towards being a platform that will fulfill its potential.