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Cleofe Capiz Shells Ball Lantern

  Our Cleofe Capiz Shells Ball Lantern is a classy decorative piece for many rooms in your home whether or not you live on the coast. Every Capiz seashell is hand-cut to fit into the metal grid that makes up this sphere. Hang it over your balcony, gazebo, garden, or entryway to make a statement of timeless elegance through simplicity.
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Lotus Capiz Shells Candle Holder

Brighten up your living space with a lovely, translucent, almost mother-of-pearl style glow with our Lotus Candle Holders.  These little shell candle holder delicately opens just like a lotus flower. When the candles are lit, and the lights are dim, the petals with translucent shell that surround the candle will give you a glowing shape that are reflected on the walls. These stylish and sophisticated candle holders add a touch of beautiful style to your décor. Available in 9 different colors, use them to display your favorite candles for any occasion to add a sparkling touch to your console table, coffee table or an end table.

Lotus Capiz Shells Flower Lantern

  This exquisite Lotus Capiz Shells Flower Lantern is sure to be the talk of the party with its natural shell discs overlapping the petals of the flower. Our handcrafted Capiz Shells lanterns are beautiful hanging by itself for a more dramatic effect. The possibilities are endless whether you want a fun pop of color or natural white, the three-color options have every decor style covered. And with an easy to hang design, you can quickly add some fun lighting wherever it is needed.

Magenta Capiz Shells Flower Lantern

  Add the perfect white ambient light style to either outdoor or indoor environments. Ideal for backyard, porch, balcony, deck, patio, gazebo, garden, home accents, café, bar, restaurant, venue, parties, camping and more.
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Stephanie Capiz Shells Flower Lantern

  This intricate flower lantern adds a feminine touch to any room. Translucent shells add a pearlescent glow to your lighting and a romantic, beachy or glamorous look to your home.
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