A Guide to Decorating Your Remote Workspace to Boost Productivity

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The pandemic has greatly transformed the way people work. With the need for social isolation and self-quarantine to ensure everyone’s safety, employees have been forced to work in the comfort of their homes. However, with this remote work setup being new to most people, it is not surprising that many find it hard to design an effective workspace. To boost your productivity and maintain a healthy well-being amid the pandemic, here are some ways to decorate your remote workspace.

Bring in “Office Elements”

Having a dedicated work area is an initial step in promoting efficiency and creativity at home. This helps ensure your privacy while you work as well as promote work-life balance. However, this will remain useless unless you move on to the next and crucial step—adding “office elements” in your remote workspace. It can be a desk lamp, pen holder, small whiteboard or corkboard, calendar, or simply anything that is related to your work. An office essential that can also serve as part of your décor is an ergonomic chair. You can choose from a variety of chair designs the one that fits in your home office theme to create a relaxing and aesthetic workspace. Bringing in these elements can help you associate your space with work, increasing your focus on tasks.

Get a Plant

Since a green, nature-filled environment can increase productivity, adding a plant to your desk or any space in your home office will be beneficial to your work. If you are not a green thumb, don’t worry because there are lots of home-office friendly plants that require little maintenance such as cacti, succulents, bamboo, aloe, snake plant, and peace lily. If your workspace doesn’t get enough sunlight, getting a faux plant would work too. To add to the aesthetic your plants bring, you can use planters made of abaca, rattan, or bamboo to house your plants.


Workers are happiest when they have agency over their working conditions including the look and feel of their workspace. Remote working allows employees to personalize their own space, so it is in your best interest to take advantage of this. Use family heirlooms, vacation souvenirs, or cherished items from a loved one or from your childhood as decors in your home office. These things add familiarity to your setup, building your confidence and identity which can help improve your work performance.

Embrace Sustainability

An excellent way to enhance your remote workspace is by adding purpose to it—bring in materials that are useful in your home office and can also help the environment. You can add organizers and storage boxes made of seagrass, rattan, buri or bamboo to your decor. These adds authenticity to your workspace while also helping you maintain a clean home office.

When you apply these decorating tips to your remote workspace, sooner or later, you’ll be able to maximize your area to boost efficiency and productivity at home. Being able to do this will allow you to survive through this pandemic with job security and a healthy work-life balance.

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