6 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

6 Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

There’s enough evidence that spending time outdoors can reduce stress, anxiety as well as depression levels.  For many, a quick nature vacation away from the busy streets of the city can be an excellent way to reset and recharge. Unfortunately, with most of us stuck at home during months of lockdown, at the time we need it most, enjoying outdoors is difficult, if not impossible.

However, this doesn’t mean the beauty of nature is completely out of reach inside our own homes. Since we cannot go outside as we used to, why not bring outdoor, indoor? You would be surprised how much this home transformation can improve your well-being.

1. Decorate with Plants

Placing plants in different parts of your home is a simple yet effective way to bring the outdoors in. You can put potted plants on the windowsill, small trees and tall green plants in empty corners, or hanging plants in front of large windows. You can even place them in your bathroom to make it look and feel like your own spa, but make sure your plants can thrive in high humidity.

Plant decorations brighten up and add color to your home. They also help improve air quality and boost your mood. For beginners, you can start with ferns, snake plants, cacti, succulents, bamboo, aloe vera and spider plants. If you wish to decorate an area with little sunlight, you can do with faux plants. To add to your plant aesthetic, you can use planters made of abaca or rattan. Your house plants are sure to find their home in our Bella Planters and Sierra Rattan Planters.


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2. Allow in Natural Light

Bringing in natural light essentially allows the outdoor to pour into your space. Exposure to natural light can improve our mental health, as well as our focus. To make your stay at home more calming and energizing, let in as much natural light as possible.  Make sure your window treatments don’t block light while still ensuring your privacy. You can hang lighter fabrics instead of heavier drapes. You can also use mirrors to bounce light around your house.

3. Use Natural Materials

A great way to bring the outdoor inside your home is by bringing in pieces of furniture and decors made of natural materials such as wood, rattan, abaca, and bamboo. Things made of organic materials add a touch of nature to your space, and make your home look warm—most importantly, they’re sustainable!

You can decorate your living room with a rattan side table or a bamboo lampshade. To make your dining room brighter, you can take advantage of natural light by hanging a stunning wall mirror like our Sinag Mirror Wall Décor.

You can use baskets, organizers, or even hampers made of rattan, buri, abaca, and bamboo. If you’ve found any natural elements such as seashells, rocks, pinecones, or branches, you can also add them to your decors.

If you still can’t get to shops or if you lack budget, consider this as an opportunity to be creative—start upcycling and breathe new life into something old in your home. An unused wood pallet can turn into a bottle rack, coat hook or even a serving tray, if you let your mind and hands get to work.

4. Bring in Natural Scents

An experiment showed that natural scents help reduce stress. Smelling scents unique to nature in your own home, paired with hearing the rain or wind, or the birds singing, can have a relaxing effect. You can use candles or diffusers with scents of eucalyptus, mint, lavender, and rosemary. You can also light a woodsy incense or use floral potpourri scents.

5. Apply Outdoor-inspired Colors and Textures

If you can afford a complete overhaul, applying a nature-inspired palette to your home can make it rustic with an outdoor feel to it. Think of your go-to outdoor place or your favorite outdoor scenery and make use of its colors. Fresh green for plants, grass, and earth. Refreshing blue for the sky and ocean. Vibrant yellow for the sun and flowers. You can also make use of white, beige or tan to create a clean and fresh vibe.

If possible, you can replace your flooring with wood, cork or bamboo to take advantage of their nature-like texture. These materials also help keep your feet warm and add an organic element to your home.

6. Create an Interior Garden or Green Wall

In addition to having plants decorate your home, you can turn a blank wall into your own living green wall. If you have a room to spare, you can also cultivate an interior garden. Doing this can purify the air inside your home and brighten up your space. Having plenty of plants to take care of can help solidify your quarantine routine, adding more structure to your days. This can also become a refreshing way to bond with your family.

With these six simple ways to bring the outdoors inside your home, you’ll have a relaxing paradise under your roof. Hopefully, this would help ease your longing for the outside world and make your quarantine days a lot more bearable and brighter. Keep in mind that staying safe is our priority now; after all, once this pandemic is over, you can finally get that quick nature getaway you desperately need.

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